Kowloon Tong BishopWalsh Catholic School


Questions & Answers



1.1 Good morning / afternoon. ----- Good morning / afternoon, Sir/Madam.

1.2 How do you do? -------------------I’m fine, thank you. How do you do?

1.3 How are you? ----------------------Fine, thank you. How are you?

1.4 Nice to meet you. ----------------- Nice to meet you, too.

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2.1 I beg your pardon.

2.2 Pardon, please.

2.3 Excuse me.

2.4 Sorry.

2.5 Sorry. I don’t quite understand. Could you please explain it?


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3.1 It’s been nice to meet you.

3.2 Thank you very much for your time.


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4.1 Eye contact

4.2 Manner of sitting

4.3 Speed of speaking

4.4 Body language


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Complete the sentences

5. Tell me something about yourself.

5.1 Name
5.2 Date of birth
5.3 Age
5.4 Hobbies/ Interests
5.5 Favourite colour
5.6 Reasons for a favourite colour
5.7 Parents’ job
5.8 A career you would like

My name is Peter Chan.
My birthday is on the 10th of February, 1997
I am 12 (years old).
I like (swimming/ playing football/reading).
My favourite colour is (blue).
I like (blue) because I like the colour of the blue sky.
I like (green) because I think the forests are beautiful.
My father is (an engineer).
My mother is (a housewife).
When I grow up, I want to be (a teacher).

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Complete the sentences

6. Tell me something about your school.

6.1 School
6.2 Class
6.3 Services at school
6.4 Favourite subject
6.5 Favourite teacher
6.6 Best friend at school



I study in Kowloon Tong Bishop Walsh Catholic School.
I am in P6 A. There are 30 pupils in my class.
I am a (monitor).
I was a (monitor) when I was in Primary 4.
My favourite subject is English.
My favourite teacher is Mr Lau.
Bill Wong is my best friend at school.
I like him/her because he/she is a good pupil.
We always help each other.
I learn a lot from him/her.

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  • Who is your favourite teacher?

Miss Ma is my favourite teacher.
She teaches us Chinese . I enjoy her lessons.
She marks our books carefully.
When we makes mistakes, she tells us what we did wrong.
She is kind. But sometimes she may also scold and punish us.
Yet we know that she is good to us.


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  • What is your favourite subject?

I like Chinese most.
Maybe it is because I’ve got good marks in Chinese .
I also like Chinese teacher. Miss Ma is my favourite teacher.


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  • Why did you choose/ apply to this school?

I chose this school because I have a friend and he/she studies in this school.
He/She recommends this school to me. This school is big. It is quiet.
It is a good place to study. Teachers are kind to students.
And students are polite and hard-working.
This school is famous in this district. I like the facilities in your school.
Your students are very clever, Your school has won many awards.



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  • What do you often do on Sundays?

In the morning, my family usually goes to a Chinese restaurant to have breakfast and drink tea.
Then we visit our relatives.
Sometimes we go shopping, I like to go to the library to borrow books and read them at home.
I also like to play ball games with my family or friends.
I like to go hiking in winter. I like to go swimming in summer.




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